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[I]Originally quoted by the Cast of The Simpson’s, episode 2F15[I] Lisa: [gasps] Wow, you can see into the...present.
Woman: Now we'll see what the future holds. [turns over a card from what looks like a Tarot deck]
Lisa: [gulps] The "Death" card?
Woman: No, that's good: it means transition, change.
Lisa: [relieved] Oh.
[the woman turns over another card]
Lisa: Oh, that's cute.
Woman: [gasps] "The Happy Squirrel"!
Lisa: [timid] That's bad?
Woman: Possibly. The cards are vague and mysterious.
The writers clearly intended the card to be either (A) bad, or (B) vague and mysterious.

Squirrels, even rabid disease carrying ones, always look happy. Elephants on the other hand, by their construction, always look sad. Which animal does your Zoo show when they are trying to raise money?

Assuming a squirrel is happy before feeding the blood hungry rabid rodent a nut, would not be prudent; it would be wise to observe their behavior for any idiosyncrasies.

Nothing is viler on a backpacking trip than a Happy Squirrel who has just gnawed a hole into your pack.

However does that mean a rodent will attack you? Certainly not. The rodent is of course an archetypal image accepted by most to represent small losses adding up to large ones – issues that appear only when it’s a real problem.

Hence – vague and mysterious. Ominous tidings of an unspecified nature.

As of this writing, only one deck contains the unnumbered (as it should be) card (The International Icon Tarot), and one deck has an image for a card in the same design style as the deck available on the internet, and you are invited to download and past onto a spare card in the deck. My deck did not come with a spare card – and further that card would be thinker and not as pliable as the rest of the cards in the deck. Unacceptable option.

As for numbering it 23…hmmmmm
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