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Tarot of Prague Café Club - Hierophant

Hi there,

We are told this is Rabbi Loew, the Chief Rabbi of Prague. He stands in a spectacular library, which is just packed with books. The ceiling is rather elaborately painted and there is a globe. The Hierophant appears to be knowledgable in all matters. He is quite an overwhelming figure, his importance obvious. I always look at the hat that the Hierophant wears and it reminds me of something Waleswoman said - she referred to the hat as looking like layered cake and the Hierophant as having layers of knowledge. I know this Hierophant doesn't have the layers but its just something that triggers with me.

This card makes me think of what we 'ought to do', its like traditional values. He is an imposing figure and is a reminder to us all to examine our motives, the rights and wrongs of what we are doing, in the light of what we 'ought' to do. I see institutions, establishments, and religions represented in this card too.

The open book is a reminder of what rules we should be living by. Books are a great way for people to learn, and librarys are usually available to everyone. We tend to have a choice about whether we visit them or not and thats the way I like to take this card. Just look at the books in this room, they are all ordered nicely, everyone has its place. Although the Rabbi fills the card and appears 'larger than life' you still get a feeling that the room has a high ceiling. High ceilings are themselves grand and distinguished.

The Rabbi himself is made of stone, he looks cold and unmoving and a woman throws herself at his mercy. Is she confessing? Does she feel guilty? Does she need help? What?

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