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I find this Hierophant rather strange and exotic. He's heavily draped and swathed and his headdress and/or his beard ripples magnificently down the front of his robes. For some reason he reminds me of a fairytale my mother read to me as a child where a dwarf withheld his help from some of the characters because they hadn't shown him enough courtesy when they'd passed by earlier and his beard was caught in some wire. He only helped the youngest sister because she had been kind to him. This guy looks as if he's withholding help from the desperately imploring woman. Why I wonder? Has she been selfish, and shown herself unworthy of the Hierophant's graces? He looks as though he's going to be pretty selective about who he'll bestow his wisdom on. He's not offering unconditional help or advice.
I agree with Jewel-ry that he seems to represent organised religion and belief systems. As an ex-librarian I love the library setting - it's wonderfully serene and orderly. By contrast the pleading woman looks like her life is pretty chaotic. Perhaps he's saying to her get your house in order first, then I can help you, reminding us perhaps of the proverb that God helps those who help themselves. All in all I find him a rather forbidding figure.
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