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Bumping this thread. Another was more recent, but this one has the most relevant content.

I did a search on "laminator" and came up with these threads as well:

Anyone laminate their tarot cards?
Laminating cards.....

Does anyone have any recent laminating experience and a preference? Why the interest? My Book of Kaos must be laminated. It's far too thin to use and I see myself using the deck a lot more than I recently thought. Once I decide on which laminator to buy, I'll practice on playing cards first before I laminate the actual deck. I'll get a back-up of it just in case...

So far, it appears that cold lamination seems to be preferred using the Xyron (easily obtainable from Amazon). I'm inclined to buy this once since 2 people have mentioned it already.

I am going to go to Michaels (a craftstore in the US) and see what they have as well; they often have in-store sales.

I guess I should invest in a good corner rounder as well--one that can handle rounding several cards at once.
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