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Originally Posted by LavenderLibra
I look forward to reading your experience with this! Are there different cartridges, glossy vs. matte?
Yes, there are differences between the matte and glossy, both which are available in the 2 sided double adhesive type.

I went with the glossy--even though I think I prefer matte in theory--because I know what the glossy looks like (like the Illuinmated Tarot). Plus, the matte cartridges weren't available on Amazon with free shipping, or the 4 for 3 deal. But, if I plan a project ahead of time and use the 40% Michaels coupons, I can try the matte ones at a later time and get them for $12 each.

The Xyron XRN900 may be the better buy since you can by 50 ft. cartridges, whereas the smaller unit only takes 18 ft. cartridges, but I feel better about doing one card at a time.

I hope everything works easily!
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