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Originally Posted by tarotlyn
One problem I've had with cold lamination, is that after you USE your deck a LOT, some of the 'top, right' corners separate. Looking at these separated corners, it shows that the cold laminate kind of fluffs up or curls slightly up and pulls on the card stock paper and it is, actually, the card stock paper that separates in the center of itself...while the laminate is still stuck to the image and has pulled it away from the card stock, while leaving most of the card stock adhered to the back side laminate.
That is EXACTLY what I was afraid of - thanks for that !

But I don't leave an edge with my hot lamination - I DO run each individual card through again after I do it, which (so far at least) seems to seal the edges OK. But they are a bit thick (my pouches are um -150 microns, I think they say. Not got them here, so...)
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