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I have laminated shed loads of stuff... using a hot laminator I bought for something like 14.00 (UK sterling) years ago, and using Tesco own brand laminating pouches. (80 microns thickness) They were the best I had used by far of any brand, and found the local supermarket ones here in NZ are just as good, and better than those bought from computer suppliers - go figure.

One strong word of advice. Round the corners of any card you laminate BEFORE laminating, then cut round that. If you try and corner round a laminated card in a corner rounder trust me you will end up with a huge jam on your hands.

oh and if you want a thin and flexible product, use thinner card. I use thin card which I can only get from one shop and it works just fine. (off top of my head I think it is 120gsm)

220gsm would be took thick for my liking.
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