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Originally Posted by shadowdancer
oh and if you want a thin and flexible product, use thinner card. I use thin card
which I can only get from one shop and it works just fine.
(off top of my head I think it is 120gsm)

220gsm would be took thick for my liking.
thanks for the great advice, shadowdancer, Do you know the
'weight' or 'mil' of the 120 is probably called something different in the usa?
I don't think I have seen 120 gsm here

ETA: I think I found my own answer ...I found this online:
"US paper weights are extremely confusing as they are the weight of 500 sheets.
However, the sheets are NOT the size you are using, but the size of the basis
sheet from which final sheets are cut. So the conversion from pounds to
grams per square meter (gsm) is different for each category of paper."

32# bond is 120 gsm

7 pt card stock is 0.007" thick and 90#. Card stock has a different conversion and this is 163 gsm

9 pt card stock is 0.009" thick and 110#. It converts to 199 gsm

So...220 gsm must be really thick!
I think 32# (or 120gsm) is really quite thin, but when using 'hot pouches'
it probably works great, as you say.

You can read the rest of the info here:
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