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tarotlyn, thank you so much for posting, especially since you have experience with the Xyron5 !

Originally Posted by tarotlyn
I found the difference between hot lamination and cold lamination is:

* Cold Lamination:
You can cut the card all the way to the edge of the image and the lamination
adheres to the whole card stock, but as I mentioned above, 'after' using the
cards a lot (even over hand mixing...not regular shuffling) and even being careful,
the lamination tends to fluff and to pull the card stock apart in the middle.
Great advice, and now I know I can go straight to the card when I use my trimmer to cut the lamination off. I was hoping I could.

Interesting about the corners separating though, but more on that below.

Originally Posted by tarotlyn
I read about this problem in an online article, (wish I could find it again! )
and I think I remember the writer saying that she just used some kind of
glue (wish I remembered which glue! ) and glued the separated
card stock on the corners and it was as good as new...but I worry about it
bleeding into the image 'from the inside' of the card stock...anyone know
what would be a good glue for this? I am thinking maybe 'leather' adhesive,
which is flexible... guess I need to experiment with this
Hmm, I wonder if I can seal edges with something else after I laminate the cards, or at least seal the corners? Or shall I say, double seal since technically the lamination is a seal?

Have you ever double sealed one of your laminated decks (as in run it through 2x)?

Originally Posted by tarotlyn
ETA: Just remembered, in that article for gluing the corners after the lamination
has lifted up the card stock:
the writer said once she had glued them back together, they were very strong
and didn't have any further problems later on. So that is a positive, because
I have a deck I just love and use a this! I come!
Now I know there's a fix!

Originally Posted by gregory
My corner cutter is a little bitty one - this one in a smaller size. But it's OK with laminate. Now the VACUUM cleaner hates the stuff with a passion...
Ah, thanks for posting this . I use the same brand (5mm) sold here in the US, so that's reassuring. The card corners are rounded pre-lamination, so I'll only be rounding the lamination - one card at a time. This corner rounder is a champ and cheap to boot.
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