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I just had another thought, regarding 'sealing the corners first' then laminating:

A while back, cardlady22 mentioned 'gilting' the edges with a metallic INK PAD...
...something I am also interested in doing.

I think I have the links somewhere and will post them in the thread when I find them...
...also I will look for that 'glue the corners' article again for everyone.

What if, we cut out the cards BEFORE lamination, then 'gilted' all four edges,
maybe even doing 'double gilting' on just the corners? I am thinking that the
gilted paint (ink?) might be enough to seal and hold the card stock together
on the corners. This would be done BEFORE lamination. I think it just might be the solution.

As I said in a previous post, the drawback would be that then you would have
to use the Xyron 5" cold lamination machine and run each (precut) card through
at a time, WHICH IS going to cost you more than using the Xyron 9" machine.
BUT, I am pretty sure the corners would not have a problem this way.

Any other thoughts, anyone?

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