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Originally Posted by gregory
No - tarotlyn - my paper is not separating; it is the laminate that is peeling off. I even thought to FINISH peeling it off, and running the affected 2-3cards through in a new hot pouch - but those cards then wouldn't match.... So what happens if you hot laminate cold laminated cards in their cold laminate - do they - MELT ?????
gregory, that was what I was talking about previously, when I used
the hot lamination 3 mil pouches, they DID PEEL...I was able to just grab the
corner lamination and peel it right off of the felt like it had more of a
'suction' than an adherence. There is no adhesive inside the hot pouches,
whereas, the cold laminate (roll or pouches), does have adhesive on the inside.

I also tried running some cold (Xyron roll) laminated cards through the hot laminator
on a LOW heat setting, and they do not melt, BUT IF you cold laminate, there is
'no need' to run them through the hot laminator because the cold laminate
(any cold lamination pouches, or any cold lamination -on the roll- machine) really adheres to
the card stock strongly.

gregory, your 120 gsm paper (32# in the usa) is thin enough to 'not' separate.
BUT...the hot pouch is the problem I least that is what I found out
in my experimentations. IF you switch to the cold lamination, you may find
that your 120 gsm may be too thin and you may want to switch to a thicker
card stock. I think you would like the 'flexibility' of the more supple cold laminate
verses the awful 'stiffness' of the hot laminate pouches.

If you want to stay with your present method of hot lamination, then it might
help IF you DON'T cut the lamination all the way up to or off at the exact
edge of the card. In other words, if you leave a slight edge of laminate showing,
it should keep the seal, because the hot pouches stick to EACH OTHER, NOT to the paper.
My problem with this, is that I just don't like the sight of
the card having a visible laminate border showing Plus, I don't like
the overall stiffness of the hot laminate. Some people may perfer this stiffness
and strength over the more flexible cold laminate. (just not me! LOL )

I am still in the experimental stages with different weights of paper. But I will
continue to use the 'cold' lamination process, as the best for myself.

Each person will have their own preferences in regard to thickness of the paper,
the thinness of the laminate, and whether they prefer cold verses hot laminate.
It really just takes a lot of experimentation...and also USING the cards a LOT
to find out if they peel or separate at the corners, and how well they wear overall.

gregory I hope that helps some?

Hot pouches DON'T stick to the paper at all.
They just seal around the edges and INCASE the card.
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