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Originally Posted by gregory
We are getting TOTALLY cross confused here !!

ALL my hot laminated cards are fine. Even cut right to the edges and everything - I never had a problem there.

BUT - I was given a cold laminated deck. On a few of the cards the cold laminate is peeling off. (Clearly the glue isn't quite that 100% !) What I don't really want to do is finish peeling them (the paper is fine ) and hot laminate them as they will feel quite different. But what happens if I run them (complete with cold laminate) through a hot laminator - does anyone know or can anyone test to find out (I would use a carrier; I am not having them melt all over the roller... !) that is a different horse of another color

...sorry, gregory, if I misunderstood you (and it's not even Mercury retrograde! LOL)

Now doing what you want to do "run them (complete with cold laminate) through a hot laminator"
might get them so hot, in that case I could not say if it would melt or not.

I see your situation though, 78 cards, are a lot of cards to peel off and
carefully too!

Maybe someone else has had this experience?

Note: that is really weird, cold laminate that didn't stick! I have never seen that before.

I can try it for you, but I think it would be different if you are using a different
hot machine than I am and probably a different cold laminate than I am using.

If this helps: I can set mine to 3 mil heat. Can you set yours the same?
If so, then I can try this for you to see if it melts. Keep in mind that my
cold laminate will have a lot of adhesive to the card, whereas yours do not.
So I don't know if that will have a different effect because of that.
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