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tarotlyn, this is the thread on gilt edging. I'm one of the people that does it often : an experiment at gilt edging.

I'm going to add gilt edges to the first deck I laminate. I didn't think about that being a good sealant! Great idea .

I'm only going to be laminating decks for personal use and I liked the small size of the 5" Xyron, but I can see how the 9" would save me money when it comes to larger rolls of laminate. So far, I only have 2 decks I want and will laminate (so far): my Book of Kaos and my Tarot Nusantara. I have a back-up of the Tarot Nusantara, but not the Kaos. Yes, I'll be laminating the actual decks, both of which are too thin for use.

I'd love to see if there is some kind of bonding agent, like a glue, that I can apply to the edges after I laminate the cards, perhaps with a small paint brush, to further seal the edges. Do you think that would be going overboard? Based on your feedback (which is again, much appreciated ), it seems like the corners are the only major issue with cold lamination, and only after extensive use.
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