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Originally Posted by aurarcana
tarotlyn, I did some testing (bent a test lamination card after I laminated it) and I see what you mean about the card separating in the middle. I didn't really understand what you meant until I witnessed it. And you are right, some good glue will fix that.
...yes, seeing is believing!!! BTW, aurarcana, did you see my post #53
regarding the glue dots? Probably better than glue because they won't seep
into the image like glue would, and these are supposed to be 'ultra' thin...

These dots will be shipped to me by priority mail, so I should have them in a
few days then I will post my results here for everyone that uses the xyron 900
cold lamination.

But, you did see how wonderful and flexible the cards are and how EASY
it is to use the xyron machine!!! It really is amazing, I LOVE mine!

I have been using 12 mil thickness two sided matte photo stock paper.
You can find it on ebay sometimes. I don't find the 12 mil too thick, but then
I prefer a thinner card stock as it is more flexible. My very favorite card stock
is on the Romantic Victorian is thin and very flexible. Of course,
those are not laminated with laminate film.

Wow, you really go at GREAT deal on the prices when you bought yours and
the extra roll of're a lucky buyer!

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