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Originally Posted by tarotlyn
aurarcana, I think that you need to 'warm' the bowed laminated cards up
(with a small hair dryer or craft heater) ...or maybe carefully with an iron...
putting a cloth between iron and card... So warm them up this way really good
but ONLY on the BOWED IN side which should stretch them slightly...and QUICKLY
put the card with the problem side face DOWN on something 'cold' to set it
and then quickly put a heavy book on top of the card and leave it over night.
I'll try ironing them on a low setting, in between a towel. Great idea.

Originally Posted by tarotlyn
Were these 'new' tarot cards you ran through the Xyron or 'used' cards?
I would suspect that if your cards had been shuffled, that these cards were
weaken somewhat, so that when you ran them through the Xyron it bowed them.

If so, you probably needed to crank out a little of the laminate without a card
in it to make sure that the laminate was lining up properly......maybe just a
few inches or so, then add the card into the machine face down.
They were new/unused cards and the laminate is lines up correctly and perfectly...

Originally Posted by tarotlyn
To have stopped bowing towards the front side, then you probably should
have run them through the laminator with the back side UP facing you,
instead of the image side up (which would probably have bowed them slightly to their backs).
I ran them through with the backs facing up.

Every card I put through--even test ones--came out bowed once I laminated them. It could be due to the card stock being a bit thick (I think they are 110lb, not sure).
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