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Originally Posted by tarotlyn
Oh, it was gregory, and not me, that thought of the clever ironing process idea

I am wondering, exactly which xyron machine do you it the 5" or 9"
and is it blue or green, and does it let you use the 'magnet' rolls?

Another question: did you put the cards into the laminator starting with the
top or bottom of the card or did you put them in 'sideways?'
I have the 5" Xyron XRN510, which is this one (green and white).

I can use magnetic rolls, but since I wanted laminate on both sides, I purchased and am using the double sided adhesive here.

I put the cards in top-to-bottom since they are large cards, but I did tests on other sized cards and put them in sideways. All of the cards bowed once I laminated them regardless.

And, it makes sense that they would bow in the direction of the laminate roll; I was just wondering how others dealt with it. But, it appears none of yours have bowed.
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