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Originally Posted by gregory
Science may have advanced in two years.... Try a postcard ?

More to the point - if you are looking at the Ferrets - I NEVER laminate "real decks" - I scan, print and laminate the copies. Then I can use them without risking the originals. Like ripping CDs to use in the car, rather than risk the machine in there eating the good copes !

Hot laminators are extremely cheap these days....
I'll look into a hot laminator I'm not a very handy person with machinery so I'm going to have to really read some reviews. The scanned copy idea though makes me feel a lot easier about being able to mess up when using one. In the meanwhile I gotta get a decent printer- I'm convinced mine lives to see me cry.

I'll check the price about the contact paper- if its really a lot I'll probably just skip it and go straight for the laminator.

Thanks again
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