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Just popping back in to give the results of my "GLUE DOTS"...FANTASTIC!!!

they are SUPER thin and work perfectly... LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!!

I found that IF there is 'barely' a separation, then I just forced it open a little more
just enough to put on the glue dot.

Make sure you don't overlap itself...or double any part of it because then it is too thick.
Also, when finished, the corner with the glue dot, will be slightly thicker than
the other 3 corners but is not that much of a problem. And when you shuffle,
is not noticeable at all.

These glue dots are amazing, will not yellow over time, and are very sturdy and
after applying the dots, you can't even tell the card was separated on the corner.

PLUS...there is NO smell, NO glue oozing out, and it only takes SECONDS to fix!

Plus these are under $5 for 252 dots...can't beat that. get the 'ULTRA THIN' GLUE DOTS.

Here is their website:

As far as gilting of the edges, the company I bought the 'gold metallic ink pad'
and ink from, has it on I have to wait on that one...BUT, I think
it WILL work really good on laminated edges and should help to stop the separation of corners.
(then maybe I wouldn't even need the glue dots ...but I have already
used my glue dots on some other things around here.)

For instance: I printed out an extra card to put on the front of my tarot bag...
and I used my glue dots on the back of the card (many as you want) then I
just stuck my card on my tarot bag, and it works beautifully...I like glue dots
better than the 'self-adhesive' roll that comes with the xyron machine...and
glue dots are much less expensive too!!!

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