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I just got my new 'StazOn Metallic' (Gold) ink pad and inker...OMG!!!

This stuff is so wonderful...I LOVE IT... You just ink the pad according to the directions
and then, taking one card at a time, just tap the card 'edges' down into the pad
a couple of times and then put it on a paper towel to dry the front sides, then turn
over after awhile to dry the backs.

The ink pad that came with mine is like a sponge and when I press the card edges
down into the sponge (with strong pressure a couple of times) it will leave a
very nice antique looking gold border on the backs and the fronts (at the same time)... I LIKE

Now IF you don't want the gold to make a border on the fronts and backs, then you
would just lightly put the card edges into the ink pad sponge.
(pressing lighter = lighter gilt and pressing harder = thicker gilt)

The gold appearance of this particular brand drys like a very pretty antique gold.
I really like it a lot. I would like to try to find a metallic 'lighter gold' too.
But, this one is really perfect for tarot cards. AND works on lamination like a dream.

The gilting drys really quickly on the cards and is not messy at all except you
will get some of the gold on your right index finger (if right handed) when you
are dipping the cards into the sponge. You must be careful as you work on each
edge of the card because if you hold it wrong you can smear a little gold out of the
slight border area and smudge it on the image of the card. You can wipe any
smudges off with a kleenex or paper towel if you do it quickly before it dries.

My cards are drying right now, so I haven't tried shuffling them yet, but I did
take about 24 of them and put them into a pile and looked at the sides and they
are really old antique looking and gives the deck a very special beautiful look.

I am not sure how well the gold paint will wear on the lamination after using
the cards with shuffling and doing readings. I will come back here and post
the results after a lot of use so you will know if it is worth doing the gilting over
the lamination or not.

I figure that even IF it comes off the lamination on the front and/or the backs
that it still would 'seal' the corners and edges really well. I am pretty sure it will do that.
And if sealed like I think it will, the corners should not separate in the future with
lots of use.

Here is the exact ink and pad that I used:
The metallic ink pads (for plastic) are on this page: (I ordered the gold one)

When I ordered from them, they sent my glue dots first, and had back ordered
the metallic pad and ink for it took a week longer to get but worth the wait!!!
Oh, and they didn't charge me for shipping because of the wait! so another plus!

I can't wait to try the silver and the bronze metallic pads too!

Adding: I only had to ink the pad about 5 times for the whole deck of 78 cards
(smaller cards though...8 to a page) I am not sure how many decks you could
gilt with this one inker bottle, but I bet it is quite a few decks! It doesn't take
that much ink at all to do the edges!!!

Oh, and I took some photos for you to see how my experiment came out.
These are of my Anna K deck that I made smaller (8 to a page) and glittered
then and then added the lamination and then the gold metallic gilted edges...yum!

You can heck out my photo links below to see how they look:
I think the gold looks much better in person.

Sorry photos came out a little blurry...I need classes in photography...

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