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Originally Posted by LavenderLibra
Oh yes, please keep posting. I read many things with interest, with plans for the future...and then know it is THERE for reference, not just for me, but anyone else who decides to try this!

Thank you! LavenderLibra! ...and you are right...I do the same thing...

Okay, then, regarding 'gilting on lamination':
Today I took the brick off of my deck and it really made a giant difference...
my deck is really back in line (so to speak! LOL) and not as quite as fluffy...

As to the shine of this 'particular gold' shade...(refer to my previous posts):
How the 'piled deck' looks from the side in different lights:
In neon looks really fantastic...more shiny than in natural light.
In lamp light...not as shiny, but still very nice.

I still love this deck (gilted) because it gives it a very finished look and for some
reason, it just makes the deck feel special in your hands.

Regarding dried gilt gold that got smeared accidentally on front card images:
Don't worry too much about the smearing when you are applying the wet gilting
because when dry, you can just take a fingernail and scrape it off gently with
no problem at all. AND you can also scrape it off the 'front' border edges if you
had pressed the card way down into the inking pad sponge (forming a border
on front and back of card)

...SO, since you can scrape it off easily, that tells me that it would probably come
off later on down the line from a lot of usage. (I am speculating here)
BUT then it is really easy to just dab the area on the card (where gilt may get
scraped off) back onto the ink pad for repairing. Or just leave them that way for
an even more antiqued look.

The gilted edges and corners:
The gilt doesn't scrape off the edges or the corners of the card, and that was what
I was after in the first place anyway. I really don't think that these gilted cards
will ever separate (speculating again)...I would be very surprised as I put this
gilting on pretty thick.

Regarding drying the gilt on the cards:
I only left them on one side for a few hours and then turned them over and let
them dry overnight. Then compressed the whole 'piled up' deck with a brick

Tonight while I was shuffling the deck and doing a reading...afterwards, I noticed that
my hands were 'slightly' gilted gold too! ... however they do not feel sticky at all...
...I think that the cards may need a little longer drying time.

Overall my thoughts about gilting over the lamination:
YES......LOVE the gilting results...
NOW...I want to order ALL the other colors...
I am imagining 'silver,' 'copper,' and I think their 'platinum' is the lighter gold.

Oh, and a suggestion regarding the xyron machine lamination rolls:
Make sure you don't store your machine or the refill cartridge rolls in the heat!
(they must be kept in a cool area and if possible not over 76 degrees)

Also, when you are nearing the 'end' of the lamination roll, the lamination
doesn't seem to stick as well to your card stock. It may be that my roll was in
my machine for about 2 years before I finally got to the end of the roll...
I didn't laminate any cards for about a year and just came back to this hobby
It could have gotten hot in the room that I used to keep it all in. For the summer,
it might be a good idea to keep your xyron and supplies in a room that receives cool air.

I will be back at another time to post regarding the ultimate wear of the gilting
over the lamination and also regarding how well the gilt stops the 'separation
of the corners' problem.

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