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Thank you! gregory, Debra, and Alta... It is good to know I am not a 'hijacker'
...thanks for making me feel better

ETA: I just noticed that there have been 12,042 views of this thread!

Photography skills
...the camera...well, it is a new 'Kodak Easy Share'...
(note to myself: READ the instruction book! )
I plan on working on that!

Regarding 'gilting on lamination' and ODOR:
I forgot to talk about any odor from the metallic ink.
It is not that strong at all.
ETA: At least 'this' brand is not that strong...can't answer for other brands.
There is a slight smell (not offensive) when it is wet.
The odor, after a few days now, is almost disappeared.

GILTING: Upon a CLOSER LOOK this morning:
(after doing several readings and shuffling a LOT)
I have decided that the gilting on the fronts and backs does come off quite easily
from handling a lot and shuffling. BUT, as I suspected, it does NOT come off
the edges or corners ...(see pictures below taken 'after' a LOT of handling)
The reason I pressed down so deep into the ink pad sponge, was because I wanted
to make sure the edges and the corners were saturated with the ink.
So, the border on the fronts and backs, was just a 'result' of pressing so hard.

The need for:
I think there must be a BETTER way to 'hold' each card while pressing down into
the ink pad because I found that my fingers interfered and messed up the borders
(if you want borders) as I turned the card to gilt each edge and corner.

Taking OFF unwanted gilting:
I do believe that I can take a dry cloth and could just wipe the borders completely
off of the fronts and the backs...leaving the edges and corners gilted perfectly.

I am going to leave the gilting on my fronts and backs of my copy of my Anna k deck
because I like the look even though it is coming off.

I admit I was a little messy in my applications as I tend to get excited and go fast
Surely, one of you here will be able to 'perfect' my messy methods! LOL

To summarize:
1. The gold gilting borders DO come off of the lamination on both the fronts and backs
with lots of handling.
2. The gold gilting does NOT come off of the edges or corners with lots of handling.

Other thoughts:
The deck I just made here had a narrow brown border on the fronts of each card...
and that, I am certain, changed the look of the gold gilted border. To see how
it would look without an original border, see the backs in my photos below.
(but keep in mind, even with a nice even border applied, it WILL come off later)

I don't believe it will ever come off the edges or corners because of the 'thick'
application of the gilting I put on...I can't rub it off...I think it has sunk into the
paper itself.
ETA: Even though sunk into the paper on the edges and corners, it does NOT affect
the image itself, front nor back.

Oh, and I got a little more gilting on my hands, while photographing the cards, today...
BUT...the edges and corners remain STRONGLY GILTED

Re: This deck I made
(the paper I used)
I made a horrible mistake when printing it out eeekkk
I accidentally used a 'greeting card' stock instead of my usual better card stock!
...that was VERY wrong!!!
But when I had discovered it, I had already printed out 8 of 10 pages
(so there was NO turning back then...)... so I find this deck DULL (due to my mistake)
and I don't really like the results that much. I will probably use this deck for
awhile and then do another one of the same with the 'correct' card stock next time !!!

Note: I like to make decks to get them 'smaller' for my small hands.
Plus it is fun and very creative doing this

Photos: BATCH 1
(PHOTOS...2 BATCHES...SEE MY NEXT POST FOR BATCH 2) if you want to look at some photos I took today, (under a neon light)
click the links below...
(I hope they are better than my last photos...I need a photography class )
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