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tarotlyn sticking AT ALL once dried!!!

...gregory, I think you could probably use this brand ink to 'cover over' the 'sticky' gold
that is on your cards now. It is fairly thin, dies fairly fast, and does NOT stick at all once dried.
AND, since your original gold paint, (that would be 'under' this gold gilt ink),
is sticky, maybe the new gold wouldn't come off once dried to it.

ETA: If you think it would be way to thick to do this, what about trying to scrape
off (lightly) some of that sticky ink and then re-ink? This stuff definitely dries
pretty fast and not sticky when thoroughly dry.

...maybe after applying the new gold, dry your spread out cards for a few days on each side.
I would turn them over at least once the first day...maybe you could use waxed
paper to dry them on ...or?

I also think that if you opt to try this, that you should try 'your' method of applying
the gold on some old or practice cards first.

If you don't want to re-gilt or re-gold your cards, what about trying to dry them
as much as possible, first, by using a small hair dryer set on cool and then maybe laminating them?
(I am assuming they are now presently not laminated)

Oh, I wish I would have thought about using my hair dryer set to cool to dry my gilting ink
and maybe it would have stayed on the borders better Live and learn!

just some thoughts...
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