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Divine Pymander of Hermes free online and 7 Days of Creation

Sacred has the translation by Dr. Everard circa 1650 .

My 1884 book reproduction that I found today has an illustration and preface that gives a more tarotlike spin. Darn, yet another version to have to explain or describe, because what is online is different from my just discovered reprint. I tried to link and add more info via our laptop but having system the heat...will have to update via phone notes.

There is one picture in my 1884 Divine Pymander repro that looks like the World card, supposedly added to the 1884 edition to the manuscript.

Palman qui meruit ferat is the motto below the World picture and she stands under a 12 pointed star on a half moon, one foot
stepping forward. Her inclined head has a half smile. The bull, lion, winged male and eagle are outside the wreath and three small stars are near her. The editors say it is the Twenty-First Key to the Taro

Anyway, written in the preface from ix to x, there is from first to thirteen, so you can try to map to Etteillas tarot. The curious fourth step notes most poetically its father is the sun,,its mother the moon, the wind carries its belly, its nurse is the earth...the man as card five and Pymander passage about the fathe matches nicely if you loo look at my Delarue...but no, the elephant on the card is not explained...and although the alchemical allegory is not perfect, this is related to Etteilla's seven days of creation.

Hope this helps. It may take some time to weave this in, or system keeps stalling

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