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I keep reaching for my little glittered Anna K. deck. The gold gilting is drawing me so much that
I can't keep my hands or eyes off of it now! It feels like I 'birthed' the deck...LOL Ha Ha
...laminating, etc. is just like that! birth...without all the pain!

The deck has that antiqued look on the sides...and it gives it such a nice classy look and I think
that between glitter, lamination, and the gold gilting on the sides and the fronts...I LOVE IT!!!

Re: lamination separation
Because the cards are smaller (8 to a page), the corners tend NOT to separate...although maybe
that is due to using 'greeting card stock' by mistake

RE: wearing:
The gold gilting did continue to come off on my hands, just slightly, for a couple of days of use,
but now it seems to be pretty stable and no longer coming off and there is still a lot left on the
front laminated borders as well as the back laminated does stay on very well for the most part...
...but takes a long time to dry.

The next deck I do, I will leave them all spread out separately on waxed paper for at least a week...
...maybe two week on each side...until I am sure they are totally dry.
I only waited a day or so...needs to be longer to dry. Note: it was still cold and rainy weather
here when I gilted these. So, maybe doing the gilting in the warm summer months will help
them to dry more thoroughly and dry much faster.

I am honestly thinking of re'doing this deck again and using the correct stock this time! LOL
This deck reads so well for me. This is probably not the right thread, but some of the Anna K.
cards are a little 'darker' and I think I would make those a little lighter when printing them out.
Other than that, they are really a wonder...all those little character people...especially glittered! Ha Ha...
They are so cute and come alive in my readings. I love tarot!!!

Now off to make some more decks!!!...I have just printed out the 'Aquatic' tarot deck...
(after making them 6 to a page) it is free online to print out...and it is gorgeous.
This deck has never been published. It is a RWS clone, for those that don't know. I will
glitter, laminate, and then gold gilt them too

Here are some photos:
On that page, I think there is a link to the artist's site so you can freely download this pretty deck.
After downloading the deck onto my computer, I took each photo and made it a little darker
and brighter because they are a very soft and pale pastel water colored pretty!!!
Gilting really changes your cards so much and makes them a pleasure to read with!

Happy laminating, etc.
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