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New (?) discovery...

Hi folks,

Bumpity bump...

I'm a bit late joining in here, but this thread has been such a wonderful education and inspiration for me I couldn't resist; and a very huge thank you to Coredil, and so many others!

I've had examples of the 1949 Book 00a, and Deck 03 (Coredil's notation) for quite some time now, but recently acquired a copy of Deck 02, with the alternative back design as mentioned by Rusty Neon in post #16; see scan below. It came in a stout home-made box, which is painted black and lined with blue linen textured paper, but no LWB. The nice thick cards are in wonderful condition, and interestingly are much more flexible than my 03 deck. On the down side, they smell very musty and tobacco smokey, so they are currently getting a good airing!

Of course, the more I read here the more I wanted a first edition, (dreams are free!), but as luck would have it I did manage to pick up a brand new unopened Dusserre repro of the 1930 deck; just so I could see the 4 of Deniers and the red coins instead of dice on Le Mat. Naturally I looked very closely at every single card, and too my surprise found there were many other differences. Usually just small changes in the use of colour, or lack of it, as per the hand holding the sceptre on L'Imperatrice, which is plain white in the Dusserre, and flesh coloured in my 00a, 02 and 03 Grimaud versions. Or more majorly, the lack of lines, as well as colour, on the cherub's wing in L'Amoureux. But even these look minor compared with the 9 of Deniers, which has had a major change in the decoration on the lower half of the card; see scan below. Any one else notice that?

So I can now wholeheartedly concur with Coredil's PS. from post #60

"I am aware that to most of Tarot lovers these differences are unimportant as the pictures stay the same.
But I can imagine that some collectors are interested and have fun "hunting" such details and differences
Also I can assure you that most of the older decks (especially all the decks with the very thick cardstock) have a very special and nice feeling when you hold them in your hands."

Yep sir, that's exactly why we collect; otherwise we would be happy with just one Tarot deck!


ETA: Don't like the orange clouring in the Dusserre compared with the yellow of the Grimaud.
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