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What about a blue LED light or box set up? Just an idea . . .

ETA: I thought I'd post the Theme notes from Diana E. Roche's The Sabian Symbols - A Screen of Prophecy

Sun Sabian Symbol: A woman the father of her own child. Nucleation
1637' Scorpio The Perfect Blend

Mercury Sabian Symbol: Rocks and things forming therein. Composition
727' Sagittarius Building on Firm Foundations

Venus Sabian Symbol: A mother with her children on stairs. Education
826' Sagittarius The Teacher

Mars Sabian Symbol: Boys and girls in gymnasium suits. Animation
1511' Capricorn Esprit de Corps

Jupiter Sabian Symbol: A strong hand supplanting political hysteria. Power
1235' Virgo Taking the Reins

Saturn Sabian Symbol: A third wing on the left side of a butterfly. Distinctiveness
2326' Libra Uniqueness

Uranus Sabian Symbol: A man handling baggage. Industry
1251' Taurus Putting Forth the Effort

Neptune Sabian Symbol: A widow's past brought to light. Rectification
1228' Sagittarius Forgiveness

Pluto Sabian Symbol: An embassy ball. Display
1110' Scorpio Formal Maneuvers
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