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Vision Quest - Seven of Air

Description: There are seven feathers tied to a staff. The background is of rocks, and distant mountains. There are seven birds flying in the sky.

Significant Details: The feathers symbolize the journey you have made on your spiritual path. The birds are flying away, perhaps a storm comes? The rocks, rather than showing stability, seem to show a sense of aloneness. The top of the staff is broken, possibly signifying the past mental/spiritual issues we have gone through.

My Interpretation: You are discouraged, probably by your own thoughts, your loneliness. There may be money troubles that are worrying you. Try to think positive. You are expecting the worst, have negative expectations, perhaps you feel discouraged. You fear the unknown, your illusions are collapsing.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The purple represents wisdom, protection, and spirit contact. Maybe all of the purple in this card is reminding us that we are protected and that we need to spiritually grow? As the birds are flying away, I get a sense of deep loneliness, this is a time to work on spiritual matters.

When I compare the 7(Futility) to the 6(Clarity) and 8(Interference) I feel loneliness. We have left a time of clarity and are about to enter a time where others will interfere in our mental/spiritual life. Right now we may feel negative, have negative thoughts. As this card is not as bright as the 6, nor as dark as the 8, we still have hope that things will work out.
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