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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: Judgement/9

Card image: see attached

First Impression: The flowing theme of death and re-birth continues into this card, yet the image here is more ethereal, as if to signal a more divine presence. This card doesn't signify being "called to action" as much as the influence of divine intervention.

Card Description: a stone monolith, reminiscent of an altar, stands in the center, on a grassy/rocky mound of earth. To the right of the stones are the faces of souls- released to their journey, moving upward into the sky. Below the earth and rocks you see the abdomen and breasts of a pregnant woman, a spirit residing in the womb of a full grown female, who's gestation is close to ending as she is ready to leave and take flight on her own journey.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Neutral

Colors: Blue, purple, green and pink

Senses: The winds sifts softly through your hair, the earth most and rich but rocky against your feet. Soft, so soft they are barely heard, the voices of those souls winding up to being their journey. Like whispers playing inside of your head, rather than in your ears. You can smell the nearby ocean, tasting the saltwater on your tongue and it drifts through the air.

Symbols: stones/altar, spirits, womb with child

Story (intuitive): I sit, my soul turbulent, pain and fear welled up inside me. I call out to my goddess in need- "HELP me, please mother, help me!". There is no ceremony, no robes, incense, drumming or casting- yet she appears at my side- drawn by the depth of my emotion and frightened cry. "I am here daughter," she whispers in a sad voice, "I am here. Change is upon you child, you knew that it was coming, yet you fear as you sit in the unknown. You have learned Death daughter, now you must learn another great lesson, that of Fate. For remember, there will be times in your life in which you have control, but there will be moments- like this- where things are out of your hands, marked by Wyrd. Remember my daughter, whatever comes today IS what was meant to be. You are marked by the divine, be proud of those moments that Wyrd extends It's mighty force, no matter how painful it can be. There are so many that live outside their path, they never have Wyrd enter, as they are too far away. Remember daughter, I am with you. Live true to your Wyrd as it brings you ever closer to home.". I am comforted, though still frightened. The last time Wyrd came into my life it was if the rug had been pulled from beneath me, leaving me spiraling down a black chasm. But I know that whatever comes is what was meant to be, and my Mother will help guide my along the way.

Astrologic: Samhain, cross quarter day of October 31st

Element: this card incorporates all elements, most significantly ether/spirit

Keywords: crossroads, judgement, fate, timelessness

Meanings: spiritual intervention, a matter out of your control, historically represents karma

Quote: "I live within the will of Wyrd."
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