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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 6 of Swords/11

Card picture: see attached

First Impression: This is a very different feel for the 6 of Swords. The woman is not looking forward in this picture, rather, she is looking back at what she has left, as if to make sure that she is truly leaving it behind. She is not ready to face the new land yet, she needs to make sure that the old is truly gone before she can feel safe for herself and her child, and be able to look ahead.

Card Description: A woman sits in a boat, holding a small babe, as a cloaked figure rows the boat toward and upcoming shore/island. She is looking back at where she left, as if to ensure that she is truly safe, and has escaped successfully. The sun is setting behind her, behind the shore of the upcoming island.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral

Colors: Black, brown, blue, yellow and red

Senses: you can feel the water mixed with wind as it lightly mists your face. The only sound you hear is the soft slap of the oars against the water. The air tastes cool and sweet. As the old shoreline vanishes, you have a sense of relief.

Symbols: water, boat, cloaked figure, woman with babe

Story (intuitive): I am so glad to be leaving, I cannot believe that I have made it. I have escaped that hell, how I have done it I do not know. Though I am relieved to be gone, I am also afraid. I worry about my babe, I worry about what I have done. What will this new land hold for us? Will we be safe? I sit in the boat and contemplate in the silence. I do not fully trust this boatman- but what choice do I have? None, I whisper to myself. My babe is quiet, as if understanding the enormity of this flight. All I know for certain is this- I had to go, I had to escape that prison, that life. It had become so toxic, filled with hatred and bitterness and greed. I had to fight for freedom, not only for myself, but for my child. Whatever comes in this new land is what Fate has led me to. Though I have fear, I know that this journey is my path, the hand of Wyrd made manifest. I watch the old shoreline vanish, then close my eyes. I whisper a silent prayer for me and for my child. The wind caresses my face, and I hear Her voice and feel her embrace. I smile, and open my eyes. Now, yes now I can know peace. And I turn in the boat- to gaze on the approaching shore, hope filling my heart and love warming my soul.

Astrologic: first quarter moon in Aquarius. Planetary ruler: Pluto.

Element: fire, water and air

Keywords: separation from chaos, peace, solitude, journey

Meanings: leaving a chaotic situation behind you, a journey by water or a journey out of danger

Quote: "Faith will guide me on my journey to peace."
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