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One of,if not the most,eary,haunting and ''makes the hair on your back stand up'' card in the Deck. I guess the chlling silence echoing the framed murder,the ''dead silence'', the killed dove will take the secret of whomeverhas done this to his grave.
In a previous thread ,I wrote about this card

'' The lady in the Bohemian Gothic deck hurting the dove,taking out her own anger and hurt on creatures ) I find it void of any logic that she would just be responcible for the death of the dove just because-she must have been done wrong,or she percieves as being done wrong,hurt,betrayed herself and is inflicting that same hurt in the ''see what its like''?

could it be posiblle if we got the 3 of swords for a partners feelings that basically it means that the partner is the one that feels he is being betrayed,cheated on,and wants to inflict the same pain to the querent? Because,in the Bohemian Gothic she is basically,in a very phycotic way, ''taking it out'' on someone innocent-the dove that gave her his innocent trust. Its completely irrational to cause someone deliberate malice and ''conspire'' to kill the dove,just because,unless your insane,but insanity isnt logic and,swords are intellect,which again herald calous and surgeon type of inflicting pain,''devoid of heart''...but from what motive,your own hurt?''

It is illogical to hurt someone as innocent as a dove,unless your insane....Is she?
We dont see her covered in blood,with a lunatic glow in her eyes,dress drenched in blood,with a crazy posture...She is standing there pretending to be innocent,deliberately taking on that posture,like saying '' oh little ol' me..'' as if...covering up the crime she did with her supposed naive little girl attitude. Swords are intellect. This woman did not hurt that dove because she is out of her wits,she cant be held irresponcible for the crime because of her damaged mental state. She is conciouslly covering up the murder scene,if you will. She knew what she was about o do,she knows very well what she did,fully aware of what she had caused... And that is the symbol of pure evil,because its one thing to cause another harm out of the dementia of your own mind,and its one thing when your fully aware of what your about to do,in this case,murder-and doing it still.
Did the dove do something for her to ''take it out'' on it? Hardly. Doves are unasuming,innocent, peacefull creatures. But it could be the Lady perscieves it did. Not the dove preciselly,but that its ''guilty'' of whatever it is that she is feeling-anger,rejection,pain,hurt,and its almost a retribution. Kind of reminds me in relationships,where one partner has been hurt in the past and takes it out on their current partner,or thinking their partner is the one that is sneeking around and hurting them when its not true ( innocent dove ) and descide to deliver the first blow.
Did she kill it? There are no traces of blood on her night gown..Did she nudge the other dove to kill the latter? I would say so.
Look at the way the other dove is standing. There is a dead dove besides him,his blood dripping from the walls,and the bird doesnt even move-it doesnt look alarmed,frightened,but very....serene and almost a bizzare knowing curiousity about it.
Did the dead dove know what was coming?
No,it was unasuming, in a vunerable moment,coming on that wall in the middle of the night,very trusting,innocent faith in the Lady-the fact that the bird is so close to the lady in such a vunerable and dangeorus time of night suggests that dove really did trust her,to get that close to her,believing no harm will come,it was caught of guard....and then,the make believe bubble was burst,and its trust got...murdered. Whats to me,most horryfing,defeating and causes a feeling of well..making my stomack turn is.....The other dove and lady knew. They KNEW what would happen to the other dove,they knew from the minute they saw that dove coming down to be on that wall,all trusting in the dead of night,so harmless, they ,or most importantly,SHE knew what she was about to do,and just realisation of it...makes your blood run dry. For you to watch someone so unasuming,and innocent,and trusting of you,come to you,and you knowing very well your going to murder it,just......heartless.

I am still very curious on your thoughts why did the lady do it,since its being deliberately heartless..but from what inner motive?
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