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Originally Posted by Marieve View Post
What do you think is the meaning of those arrows, they really intrigue me. Artemis had poisonous arrows if I remember well, she and Apollo killed those Niobe children. Not sure how to associate it with this card.

I think, bow and arrows are kind of women weapons so female principle comes to mind, but also although being so serene she can still act swiftly if needs be and she is not defenseless, she's got her ways. Also the rising arrow is surpassing the powers of gravity so maybe the promise of spiritual liberation.

It would be really interesting to know how other people interpret that.
Well, Artemis is a huntress with a bow, she likes hunting with her hounds at night. She was often shown with a bow and arrow. She was also the goddess of the hunt. Also Artemis was like the High Priestess single, unlike the married and has a few children right-next-card Empress. Artemis, like her brother Apollo, were later associated to the moon and sun. In the Thoth the High Priestess has the bow of Artemis and is linked to her. So when I saw the bow in this card I immediately thought of Artemis and her bow.
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