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Exclamation The Tarot of Vampyres - Princess of Scepters

She is bold, confidant, determined, she knows what she wants and how to get it. She is impulsive, passionate and fiery. She seduces men, thrives on getting treated like a queen, and satisfies her sexual urges with them. She can get any of them, she sleeps with them, plays with them like toys then dumps them. She's also dramatic and manipulative and uses her charm any time of the day to get what she wants or who she wants. She can be cruel and heartless. She follows her impulsions and do things at whim. She's very immature and irresponsible. She's a drama queen and she likes to be people's center of attention.

It looks like here she is in a retreat surrounded by trees and roots, sitting on the ground. Well, she is earth of fire after all. There are eleven red roses behind her, the same number as her card (11). The Princess, just like the rest of her family, has red hair. She wears a pretty red top with a black skirt. She holds a scepter in her left hand like an ax.
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