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I've been looking through this book and the first thing I love is all of the index material!

pp 401 - 412 are single words from the Sabian Symbol. (alphabetical)
example: baby Can 12 ~
A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message.

pp 413 - 418 are the Keywords by Marc Edmund Jones. (alphabetical)

pp 419 - 426 are the words or phrases under the Theme heading. (zodiac order)

Each symbol's section shows a scan of the actual handwritten note card and 5 entries:
Today- astrologer's Daily Guide for sunrise symbols
Stepping Stones- list of additional keywords for meanings

If anyone would like, I can type up the Table of Contents since the feature is not on the listing. There's quite a bit of expanded use & method suggestions in the mere 30 pages before the Symbol info itself.
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