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I guess a better term, rather than movement, would be life. In the Strength card, there is a liveliness, a passion, beings filled with life moving swiftly and free. For me, this card did not have that "life" to it- the Sphinx, the sun and the moon- while part of an overall moving scene, seemed caught in a moment of stillness, since their movements are slow, and not as vibrant. It is really the lack of life and liveliness that seemed to echo to me, and the thought of stillness came from that. That is the closest that I can come to making sense of it. The two hold some basic thoughts of opposites coming together- but with Strength it is more a dance of blended cohesion, no force, no thought needed. With the Chariot- there is definitely the sense that this is a willed cohesion, a delicate balance that does not seem to flow as naturally as the other. More "man-made" than divine. Again- probably not something I would have first noted without comparing it to the Strength card, but definitely what came to me after I did.
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