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playing card info for the day:

For my location, I will have [rounded up for whole degree]

Sun ~ 19 Scorpio wardite
conventionality, regurgitation

Moon ~ 29 Taurus gabbro (rock)
capability, different points of view

Mercury ~ 12 Sagittarius diopside
Venus ~ 12 Sagittarius diopside
adjustment, transformation

Mars ~ 1 Virgo malachite
character, integrity

Jupiter ~ 4 Taurus goldstone (man-made)
faith, the promise of treasure

Saturn ~ 24 Libra piemontite quartz mica (pink)
distinctiveness, uniqueness

Uranus ~ 1 Aries obsidian
realization, the way to begin is to begin

Neptune ~ 29 Aquarius labradorite
emanation, metamorphosis

Pluto ~ 6 Capricorn black opal
thoroughness, piercing the veil

Chiron ~ 1 Pisces silver
commerce, interchange

North Node (true) ~ 15 Sagittarius siderite
reassurance, checking things out
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