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Maat Study Group: King of Wands

Card/Number: King of Wands/30

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: An apt consort to the queen of wands. As she seemed very much a lady, and feminine ideal- this king of wands seems to have the persona of a man's man, the type of colonial man held in high esteem by his colleagues.

Card Description: a well dressed, colonial man stands beside a table that holds a large tome. He holds a quill in his hand, poised over a paper, as if taking notes from what he learns. He stands tall, very aristocratic, as he appears to contemplate the knowledge he has gained.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Masculine

Senses: The house is warm, though it is cold outside and you hear the winter wind as it blows through the trees. You can smell and taste the smoke from the fire as it warms the house.

Symbols: book, quill, fine clothes

Story (Intuitive): Sigh- I don't like him. Not a bit. I look to my consort, who is wearing a characteristic smirk- "Well, of COURSE you don't.". Very helpful, except not! So, I think to myself- why, why do I have such a strong reaction of not liking this man. Is it because I live in DC and have come to dislike all politicians, to mistrust all of these "fraternity" men? Or is it because of where I work? Seeing time and time again how the individual is lost within the machinery of the greater cause? I see the positives, I really do. I see a poet, a scholar, a charismatic leader well respected by his peers. But I also see that darkness, the pompousness, the lack of caring for those not in the same social sphere- even if he takes up their "cause", he never truly knows or cares about the individuals. He is a leader, and as such expects to be followed, and those that do not follow him tend not to fare well. Maybe that is my issue, that I do not follow well? (A snort from the sidelines, that is fine, I am ignoring him.) Whatever it is, I do not like him! Not a bit. And the funny part is, he cannot even see why. "You don't like him for who he reminds you of.". Ah, the peanut gallery chimes in! I sigh, he is right. "But it isn't just who he reminds me of, it is all that they stand for that bothers me.". He nods, as I ponder. "The world needs leaders love, the masses require it. It is what he does well, and for the most part- he does good. His place is his own, as yours belongs to you. Forget what your mother told you- you don't HAVE to like everybody.". At that I laugh, as he is right. Oh well, there you have it. The King of Wands- leader extraordinare, needed to do what leaders do, doing good most of the time. Bless his heart- I still don't like him!

Astrologic: Week of the full moon in Leo, Planetary ruler: Uranus

Element: Air

Keywords: taking command, politician, preacher

Meanings: traditionally a blond/grey man with the zodiac sign of Aries. This can also relate to male lodges or brotherhood, also bold ideas

Quote: "Follow me."
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