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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: The High Priestess/32

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: I have always liked the priestess depicted as the sleeper. This is a stunningly beautiful card, soft and surreal.

Card Description: A young, naked girl lies half on a bed, draped in a white gauze cover, sleeping/journeying. An incense burner on a 3 legged stand emits a low flame with smoke drifting upward. A spiral forms behind the girl, the entryway to the otherworld. Below her, the tree of life rests, a symbol of shamanism.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Feminine

Colors: creamy pastels of pink, blue and white, brown

Senses: the cloth rests lightly on your skin, the sweet incense fills your mouth and nose. Your body tingles as it begins to separate, preparing for the journey.

Symbols: sleeping virgin, spiral, flame, tree

Story (intuitive): I lie down, prepared for my journey, the request is simple- but yet complex- to hear the divine truth. The scent of the hawthorn rose kyphi smoke fills my nose and mouth and drapes the candlelit room in a hazy fog. I lay, stretched, ready to begin. At first, there is nothing, just the idle chatter of my mind. Slip away, slip away, slip away... Deeper, deeper I go. Then, it starts- the tingling, the buzzing, as spirit begins to lift slightly above skin. I wait. Then, there it is- I feel it before me, the door to the otherworld, spiraling slowly. I speak the words, "I will gladly make the sacrifice.". For these need to be said, remember, as in the end, one day it may happen, the day that you are not able to return. This needs to be acknowledged before you can go, and fully accepted and understood. I feel it- the words/the sacrifice are heard. Yet tonight, my spirit stays. "Why can I not leave?" I ask. "Why do you want to go?" is the response. "I want to go beyond myself tonight, to hear the divine truth, to learn wisdom, and to know that- for certain- it comes from You, and not from inside me." I reply. There is no response. So I wait. I wait, trying to leave again, but feeling the force holding me inside. I rail out in anger and frustration, "WHY???!!!". The response comes softly whispered, "You always journey away my child. Take the path that few have walked. Do not journey without tonight, but rather- journey within. Journey deep within yourself, learn the truth, for that voice deep in your soul speaks the divine truth. Listen to it.". I quiet my soul, and listen. And I hear the voice, and I learn. What was told to me cannot be repeated, but needs to be heard. Learn from the Priestess and journey. Journey within, journey inward to hear the divine truth that speaks from the soul. Then, journey outward to spread it. Learn to listen, hear the Voice.

Astrologic: full moon cycle of Virgo, planetary ruler: Neptune

Keywords: intuition, mystery

Meanings: receiving information from within, use of intuition as council

Quote: "I analyze"
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