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Natural animal, sexual instincts are in the interest of this person - King of Wands. (We can see the picture of primitive prehistoric person in his book). He not only survives these instincts but studies the way to fight and overcome them. (The picture of Hercules in Lion skin who fights with the snake and the book in front of him.)
On this card we can see the man seemed to be very successful, scientific and self-sufficient ... We can see that his calm and self - control face hides (like a picture on his wall is hidden with the red curtain) bright and powerful energy that is ready to throw out like a volcano...
This strong animal power can be destructive and constructive at the same time. Primitive instincts which are not overcome evolution process can lead to anger, hate and animal destructive sexuality. At the same time... From other side.... Ability to control this energy and send it in a positive direction can lead to the powerful creature.

This card for me is the bright example of "sublimation of sexual energy to creativity".
The ring on his pinky finger is the symbol gambling man who is gamer and adrenaline maker.

King of Wands is a "prehistoric person" who has overcome all stages of evolution and still keeps in his mind all of them.
He is able to "make a fire" in woman's heart and even her bed .. and at the same time he is able to make and keep a fire at woman's home in order to make her worm and protected... to become her strong shoulder, her "stone wall" .

This man is always looking for truth and good luck at the world but he does not always find them.
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