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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 2 of Wands/36

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: Gorgeous card! I like the image of the entryway between the trees.

Card Description: Two tree trunks sit, their branches intertwined to form an opening to another replace. There is snow on the ground where you stand, but looking through you see a beautiful castle, a unicorn dancing in a field and further out the sea with ships. In this land, it seems to be spring. A wreath with a multicolored bow of ribbons sits on the right tree trunk, as if a marker to find the doorway. As the branches merge above the doorway, they form an open heart, a dove sitting within it.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral

Senses: you feel the warm breeze coming from the other side, with the scent of honeysuckle filling your nose, the salt from the sea brushing your face.

Symbols: tree, unicorn, otherworld opening, dove, castle, sea and ships

Story (intuitive): As I stand and look through the opening of the trees, I ponder aloud halfheartedly, "Though I love this card, and will be rushing through with glee, it seems odd as this card typically represents a choice.". A chuckle- oh my trickster consort is here, funny that! "Do you care?" he asks. "Not really." I respond. He chuckles again, "Well love, then why ask? But since you did, I will answer it. Look at this doorway, for you- right now, this IS your choice. This image that you see is a moment captured in time- that moment where you have made your choice on the crossroads and have steadied your vision to start on the path you have chosen.". I smile broadly- oh YES, I have made my choice. Then it hits me, how important this moment truly is. It is the recognition of that choice, which at first seems odd, but then I realize how many times people start down a path, without truly appreciating how they chose to start walking it, ending up miserable and lost. Not me, not this time. I have chosen, and I sit now in the moment of initiating that choice. I stand, unabashedly excited and leap through into the world that I have created. Thank you, princess, for reminding me of that gift of passion. Thank you, my love, for walking it with me.

Astrologic: week of the last quarter moon in Sagittarius. Planetary ruler: Neptune

Element: air and fire

Keywords: choice, gateway, longterm planning

Meanings: crossroads, a choice between two equal, but different paths, a gateway

Quote: "I have chosen, and on I go!"
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