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Originally Posted by kapoore View Post
For example, he drew distinctions between the Waite art in the 3 of coins and the 8 of coins--that the 3 of coins had hidden symbolism showing superior craftmanship to that of the 8 of coins. The 8 of coins was more assembly line work while the 3 of coins was true craftsmanship.
Well with all due respect, that interpretation and 3 and 8 of coins connection is hardly the deepest insight in Tarot, Even I connected those dots, and I don't share a fraction of the knowledge the all knowing JK boasted of.

Originally Posted by kapoore View Post
Anyway, I'm sorry that he blasted your deck, and my guess is that he did not appreciate your art. Photoshop definitely is complex and to do it well is a high skill. And you apparently survived him if that is any consolation.
Survived? Hopefully so, but then surviving his opinions on that score wasn't particularly difficult since he didn't seem to know that much about it in the first place. Nor for that matter was it particularly important. Just like so many other critics in our community, they start to actually believe that their public opinions carry more weight than they actually do. That their reputation entitles them to then expand into areas that they are clearly less qualified to do. They start to believe their own hype especially if they can get their own ratings up by pissing off a few known people along the way, and start to view themselves as some behind the scenes king makers that can seriously impact how a book or deck is valued by the rest of the community. Whereas I personally consider they make a minimal difference especially in this day and age when there are ample images and reference sources available on line that enable people to come to their own conclusions.
My issue was not his opinion or his trashing, but that like some sleazy tabloid reporter, he changed my words, took them out of context, and misquoted them. The fact that Eliphas Levi and others may have also have changed their names in the past, may add some historical comparison and romance in the eyes of some. But in my eyes its just another narcissist hiding behind an alias. He can call himself Micky frigging Mouse for all I care, although I would prefer he just use asshole, that way it would take the guesswork out of it.

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