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Maat tarot IDS

I was lost, crying out for help, crying out to save my Spirit. I hear the Voice- calling me home, and teaching me how to feed my Spirit...

Cards/Numbers: 5 of Coins/67, Temperance/68, 4 of Coins/69

Card Images: see attached

First Impressions: What feeds you? What nourishes you? That is what I see when I look at these three cards. The 5 of Coins sits on the left, the 4 of Coins on the right, Temperance in the middle. In the 5 of Coins we see a lack of nourishment, a need for healing, a Spirit hungry and wasting away. In the 4 of Coins, we see the bread-filled cellar, the Spirit nourished, a time of taking inventory to keep it fed. And Temperance in the center- is this a coincidence? I think not. The Goddess in Temperance is so beautiful, Her wisdom shining like a beacon of hope, Her lesson penetrating my soul. These are the cards of coming home and returning to your own personal power. I see this clearly, though the story has not played out- but soon it will, and the next part of the journey will be complete.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral for the 5 and 4 of coins, feminine for Temperance

Senses: The air stirs lightly, cooling your tear-stained face as you turn toward it. It is nighttime, and the ground begins to grow rocky as you see in the distance an outline of a great mountain. You are no longer exhausted, but now filled with an energy and resolve that was absent for too long. The air smells like rain, electricity in the air dancing through your hair, as you start forward on your journey.

Symbols: ribbons, cave, angel, bottles, bread, cellar

Story (intuitive): What happened after that dark night of the soul? Well, I learned many things. I learned of how my arrogance turned me away from my path, of how I had shut out the voice of the Divine, had shut out love of humanity, and had closed the door on Spirit. So, open and humbled, I looked inward and outward, and asked quietly, “Show me, show it all to me, everything that I need to see. Those things that I see clearly, those things that are unclear and all those things that have been hidden from me.”- a contract in blood, a question on an eclipse-filled night. And it was then that I saw everything, playing back to me like an old-time movie film, each scene played out in detail, a journey of errors, loss, accomplishments and trials. I watched then, as I watch myself now. And then the question came- “What feeds you?”. I have sat outside in the cold, nourishing relationships that leave me hungry, nurturing practices that leave me dry, feeding others as I sat and starved. “Is this what you want?”- no, it is not. I am tired of not being fed, and feeling as though I only feed others. It is time to move on, but how?

And then She arrived, and so it began. My Mother, who arrived and helped show me the way: the way of death, life, sickness, wellness and how to balance between the two. Many secrets of wisdom were taught to me that night, but the most sacred is this: you cannot feed others unless you feed your own Spirit, you cannot sit between the worlds if you deny one or the other, you cannot work as a whole unless you embrace both parts. And that is Her mystery, and the secrets that She gave to me that night. And so, I fed my own soul and my Spirit grew. What others might call greed or selfishness, what I myself may have called it before- this was now known as self-care. I learned to love and care for myself and, when I was full, I placed some in reserve. Now, I am ready- I am fed. My Spirit is healed, I can complete my journey. There is much to learn, and now I go forth. But my soul is lifted, my body renewed and my Spirit strong.

Astrologic: 5 of Coins: week of the last quarter moon in Taurus, planetary ruler: Moon, Temperance: full moon cycle of Pisces, 4 of Coins: week of the new moon in Virgo; planetary ruler: Mercury

Element: earth and ether

5 of Coins: poverty, illness
Temperance: betwixt and between
4 of Coins: greed

5 of Coins: non-conformity, living outside the church/community, poverty
Temperance: reincarnation, transformation, blending and healing
4 of Coins: traditionally refers to a miser, but can also be seen as thrift/saving

Quote: "I believe in my self, and now my Spirit can be fed.”
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