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RIYAL "freeware"

Minderwiz had asked that I review RIYAL software for the list. Relative to Horary practices, I don't believe that this software is a good choice for the "typical" members of this list. It is not that RIYAL isn't easy to use, nor is it that RIYAL can't produce a chart quickly and simply for a given date and time.

RIYAL is as much an astronomer's tool as it is an astrologer's tool. It is probably the best positional calculation tool available. It can produce natal, progressed, directed, return, synastry charts for the planets, asteroids and up to some 14,000 deep space objects as well as do locational cartography maps and show sky maps. It offers more house systems and can provide all kinds of data for astronomical events.

For many on this list, at the broad range of typical interest levels and understanding, it is my opinion that RIYAL is both too technically oriented and completely undedicated to the classical, traditional, medieval and ancient astrological practices. These were not part of the focus of RIYAL's creation. RIYAL seems to have started from a strict calculation and positional approach to astronomy as a basis for astrology --- the distinction of this claim may not be apparent to some. Many of the popular purchasable software packages are inaccurate in terms of calculating primary directions or being able to cast right ascension charts, and other charts not typically used in the popular press. Many of these popular software systems cannot cast special progressed charts that research astrologers need. RIYAL does all of these things in spades as well as being able to accurately work across tropical-sidereal-and-precession-corrected zodiacs without getting all mixed up.

For a capable astrologer grounded in spherical geometry, or for an attentive student who will follow specific guidance for a particular charting process, RIYAL is excellent. But, this package does not address classical, traditional, medieval or ancient charting practices or offer interpretation assistance.

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