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Originally Posted by PathWalker View Post
I read a bit of that (what I understood) but it's not my idea of fun
I'll stick with the parrots and the knitting I think.

Maybe I'm just not a team player - I go to Pottermore everyday and brew a couple of potions, but that's a solitary occupation.
I can understand that. One of the things I like about my game is, if I don't feel like being social or cooperating with other people, I can just go do things on my own. I never run out of things to do.

Originally Posted by Catmoon View Post
i loooooove lich king,that's what I'm playing

manga tarot,ghotic vargo,dragon tarot of nigel suckling and nefertari tarot

yeah, my collection is small

but i like all linds of decks
Small can be good. I'm trying to make my collection smaller.
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