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Reading for Nytebugg - Part 2

We have assessed the strength of Saturn and used it to draw some conclusions about Nytebugg in relation to the question. Now it's the turn of the Sun, which signifies the possible suitor/boy friend.

Essential dignity

The Sun is placed in Aquarius in the first degree, and in the twelfth House. In Aquarius the Sun is in it's detriment (the sign opposite it's own sign of rulership). This is an essential debility - an indicator of weakness (and possible lack of suitability). Checking the table on Morinus (press F2) we can see that the Sun is not only in the rulership of Saturn but also in Saturn's triplicity, and Saturn's terms. We can also see that the Sun is in none of it's own dignities - it is Peregrine (an essential debility). This person could well and truly be smitten with Nytebugg but at best they will appear rather vulnerable, at worst they may not appear suitable at all - they are certainly not at their best!

Accidental dignity

The Sun is in the twelfth House, not a good place to be. In the twelfth House is cadent to the Ascendant and inconjunct the Ascendant. Being inconjunct means that planets in the house cannot be 'seen' and one of the meanings of the twelfth is hidden or secret or behind the scenes. So whilst Nytebugg is very visible, the potential boyfriend is not.

The Sun, like the Moon can never be retrograde, and being the Sun it can have no phase relationship with itself - it cannot be oriental or occidental, or under it's own beams So we don't have to look at those. Similarly whilst the Sun does have some variation in speed, that is rarely used in Horary. So we are left with any aspects from malefics or benefics. As we have noted the square to Saturn is separating and now out of sign. The Sun is applying to a square with Jupiter, but Lilly requires a trine or sextile for Jupiter to be of help.

So the Sun seems to indicate someone who appears vulnerable or even unsuitable, assuming that they are noticed at all and that is not particularly likely here. But they would have positive feelings if they encountered her..

Will anything come of the matter?

In questions about relationships this becomes a little complicated as Lilly allows two further significators to be used - the Sun for him and Venus for her - but only if these secondary significators are not already in play In this case the Sun is already in play for him, so that's not a possibility. Venus is not currently being used, so it could be used as a secondary significator for her,

Also the Moon can be used as a co-significator of the querent or even the quesited in all horaries.

What we would be looking for is an aspect or other clear connection between significators that indicates things will move from a potential match to a real match. so let's look at the possibilities:

Firstly Sun and Saturn are not forming an aspect - rather the reverse, they are in a separating aspect. There is another possible connection - through antisicion (plural antisica) This is where the two significators lie on opposite sides of the solstice line (0 Cancer to 0 Capricorn) but are an equal distance from it. This is treated as similar to a conjunction. The point directly opposite the degree of an antiscion is called a contrascion and is treated as an opposition.

You can find the antisica of the planets in Morinus by using 'Tables' and clicking on Antiscia or pressing f7. The antiscion of of Saturn is 0 degrees 45 minutes Pisces and this is nowhere near the Sun. Use the column marked Longitude in the table.

So no connection between Saturn and Sun.

Now we look at the Sun (him) and Venus (her). Venus lies at 8 degrees 39 minutes Pisces - there's no major aspect here. Neither is there an antiscion between the two. The Sun's antiscion lies at 29 degrees 16 minutes Scorpio, some distance on from Venus. So the sencond set of significators do not produce any real connection.

Finally let's look at the Moon. She is placed at 6 degrees Capricorn and she is applying to a sextile with Venus at 8 degrees 39 Pisces. So if we treat the Moon as a co-significator of the quesited, we have a connection forming. Neither Moon or Venus will aspect another planet before the sextile is perfected.

So we've looked at two different pairs of significatrs, Saturn/Sun. Sun/Venus and finally used the Moon. The first pairs do not produce a satisfactory outcome but the Moon/Venus pair will.


There's a real chance that Nytebugg's relationship will come about within the next six months, possibly with someone unexpected - either because they are out of sight now or because even in full view, she hasn't considered them as a possible suitable person.

As the horary really does show, this is not going to be quite as straightforward as hoped but the chance is there and she has the ability to take it, given the chance. So no guarantees but I think the opportunity will arise, keeping an open mind may well help to prevent the other person being ignored but there's a real chance that whilst she sees the opportunity she might decide the person is not suitable or the sort of person she's looking for.
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