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I started reading through this and I have a few things I'm confused about... The essential dignity chart in Morimus. I can't figure out how your read it. So the two columns do you read it where two of the same planets intersect on both axises? What are all the other planets then? So if you want to find out an essential dignity of a planet, how do you figure it out on the chart since there are to axises where you can correspond two different planet? I hope this makes sense.

Also is there somewhere I could look up some of these terms? I think I remember seeing a link on this board, but I cant find it any more. Also to figure out which sign a house is in when it's not exactly on that house, do you take the sign that comes first, no matter how much of it falls in the actual house? Is that correct

I'm also confused about having co-significators. So when that happens, how do you synthesize the information you get. So as long as one of them has a connection with the planet the represents the question, then it's a good sign? What does it then mean that 2 of the other planets that represent the quarent don't have any connection with the planet that represents the question?

I know lots of questions...but I'm trying to process all the information...Thanks
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