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Originally Posted by rif View Post
Hi Lee,
Hey, buddy!
Have you looked at John Frawley's Horary Textbook? It seems fairly complete to me, and takes the time to go through the things that other horary books seem to gloss over.
I haven't really looked at horary books too much. Many of them seem to have kind of mixed reviews. I have the earlier, larger edition of the Plain and Simple book (called "Horary Astrology: The History and Practice of Astro-Divination"), and I have "On the Heavenly Spheres," which is a general book on traditional astrology, and that's it.

After doing some work on Minderwiz's DIY thread, I'd like to ideally go back and read the Anthony Louis book. I've read parts of it before, and enjoyed it, but I couldn't really follow the chart examples. I think I'll be able to now, after the DIY work. The "Heavenly Spheres" book is also very helpful to me right now as I can look up specific factors if I have difficulty understanding them.

After that, I was thinking of looking into Lee Lehman's "Martial" book. I'm afraid I'm a little biased against Frawley. I read his book "The Real Astrology," and while the snarky tone was amusing, after a while it got tiresome, and I was kind of creeped out by his adulation of a strict, intolerant Catholic theology which would like to see us all (including Frawley) burned at the stake. However, since you say it's a good book, I'll definitely take a look at it.

Thanks for the recommendation!
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