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Originally Posted by Christine View Post
Meanwhile, please direct me to the evidence that the users of this pack, in the time it was fresh and new, had enough sophistication to understand concepts like North Node, South Node and Part of Fortune in the context of a Tarot deck. How did he include them in his divinatory matrix? Is there any text to tell us how these symbols integrate into his style of use? Where does he talk about the ways they affect the other three suits in the numbers 8, 9 and 10?

To me it seems just as easy to rule out astrological sophistication among this pack's users as it is to rule out kabbalistic sophistication.
First - Etteilla makes direct, unambiguous references to astrology and to the North and South Nodes and the Part of Fortune - labeling the Coins suit with them and including a diagram on the 10 of Coins illustrating how the Part of Fortune is calculated.

Second, there are no clear, unambiguous, specific references to Kabbalistic correspondences to Tarot cards (Hebrew letters, Paths on the Tree, or specific Shem Angels) anywhere in his Tarot material.

Third, I don't know anything about French astrologers but the British astrologer and Mason, Ebenezer Sibly, was writing his highly influential astrology books at this time (mostly cobbled together from other works). The Nodes plus Part of Fortune were essential factors in his charts. While the Part of Fortune is not used much today, it was always included in charts through the mid-20th century - if the birth time was known. Here's an original Sibly chart. Note the Part of Fortune in the 1st House and the Nodes in the 2nd and 8th Houses:
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