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After that, I was thinking of looking into Lee Lehman's "Martial" book. I'm afraid I'm a little biased against Frawley. I read his book "The Real Astrology," and while the snarky tone was amusing, after a while it got tiresome, and I was kind of creeped out by his adulation of a strict, intolerant Catholic theology which would like to see us all (including Frawley) burned at the stake. However, since you say it's a good book, I'll definitely take a look at it.

Thanks for the recommendation!
I can well understand your point about Frawley's style, it does become a bit wearing. I like Lee Lehman's style and her book is very good, That being said I tend to consult Frawley first. Louis' was the first book on Horary that I read and still is a good intro. I have Barclay's book it did indeed reawaken the interest in the tradition but being a pioneering book,it gets somethings not quite right. It still has an important place though, without it the revival might never have happened. There's also a book by her protegée, Barbara Dunn, titled ,Horary Astrology Re-examined. I wouldn't recommend it though it's heavy going ( (and I mean heavy).
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