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Originally Posted by MikeH View Post
This is an aside, but it does show that he knew about the Shem angels. perhaps not under that name, but at least as 72 intelligences in Kabbalah.

It is still an open question whether Kaballah plays any role in Etteilla's system. I don't see any, but there is much about his system that is unclear to me.
I had already conceded in an addendum to my above posts that Etteilla could have been referencing the 72 Intelligences in Kabbalah in that quote. I'm willing to change! Now we need to find any references by Etteilla that would suggest that he linked Kabbalah with the Tarot deck and how.

Christine's theory is that the specific Astro-Alpha-Numeric code found in the Sepher Yetzirah and the GRA Tree (with the exception of the planets which followed a Greek code) were linked to the Marseilles Tarot as early as Jacob Boehme, Paracelsus and Postel and passed to French Freemasons by the early-to-mid 18th century. Furthermore, that Etteilla was the main link in passing on this information to those who followed, such that Lévi, Paul Christian and Papus were only revealing information that Etteilla already knew and had encoded in his deck.

Anything in Etteilla's deck that seemingly contradicts this code was put there to deliberately misdirect the general public and the Inquisition.

AAN = Astro-Alpha-Numeric = fixed correspondences among Astrology, Letters, and Numbers (specified in the Sepher Yetzirah). These correspond to the Paths on the Hebrew Tree of Life—GRA Tree - not on the Kircher Tree (one secret is that they all knew the Kircher Tree was wrong). They also knew that the Hebrew planetary correspondences were wrong and so they used Greek ones (Bet-Moon, Gimel-Venus, Daleth-Jupiter, Kaph-Mars, Peh-Mercury, Resh-Saturn, Tav-Sun).

Christine - please correct any piece of this that is wrong.
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