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For inanna_tarot

inanna_tarot , if you go to my blog site, you can find very detailed instructions for setting up RIYAL, for casting natal, solar return and the special kind of daily charts that I use.

RIYAL is programmed by one person with a bit of help from others from time to time. It is presented in the before-Windows style of "DOS". While appearing very simplistic it is a very expansive astronomical and astrological calculation tool. It is built for exploring the universe and can deal with thousands of asteroids, centaurs, dark holes, deep space objects, etc. in addition to natal charts, progressions, directions, returns, astrocartography and other stuff (but not traditional, classical, antique and horary astrology.

PS, I'm also starting to explore a "new" form of cyclic astrology, transiting Moon to natal Sun Return charts. Right now they look very promising. I've done about 100 in the last three weeks and have posted perhaps 15 on my blog site. My initial impression is that they are quite superior to lunar returns for predictive purposes.
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